Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A partly rainy day in Fort Benton, MT, Oct 5, 2010

We woke up this morning to rain and wind. The wind had blown over the Directv tripod, so Bob was out early repositioning it.

IMG_4670 After lunch we did make it to the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center. No one was at the front desk, so we walked into the one room with displays and turned on the lights so we could see what they had.

IMG_2549 Both of these items have a history…

This is the “Surrender Rifle” from Chief Joseph. He presented this rife at his surrender to Generals Howard and Miles.

The beaded Nez Perce Blanket was traded, after the Bear’s Paw Battle, by a starving Nez Perce Indian for food before they were sent by steamboat to Oklahoma for imprisonment.

IMG_2552 Doesn’t this bobcat look alive, it was at one time. They even suggested you could touch gently. I want one!


This is an Ammonite which was found about ten miles north of Fort Benton.

Later in the afternoon, the rain stopped and eventually the blue sky peeked through. A walk though the town was nice.


Loved the fence, flowers, and fall leaves.

IMG_4703 IMG_2661

I have to confess, I did not purchase these two tomatoes. Right along the sidewalk in town was this partly frozen tomato plant, so I picked two tomatoes to keep them from a life of decay. I will lovingly watch them and keep them warm until they are ripe, then eat them!! Yum, a fresh home grown tomato!!

Tomorrow we are heading a short distance to Great Falls.

Our grandson, Zach, is recovering from strep throat, so I do hope you sleep better tonight! Love you Zach!

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