Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Telkwa to Prince George, BC, 219 miles, Sept 13, 2010


Yesterday before we went into Smithers to do some shopping, the driver’s rear tire on the Explorer was almost flat, so Bob added air, but I did not want to tow it knowing it might be a problem.  So off I went this morning (yesterday was Sunday and no one was open that could fix tires) to the Canadian Tire Store.   Turned out they could not find any cause for the slow leak except dirt and grit around the bead.  This was the used tire we bought in Wasilla, AK, so when they mounted the tire on the rim, they must not have cleaned it too well.  So the cost for cleaning and remounting the tire bead was $21.00.  Back to the RV Park to get hooked up and off we head to drive the last leg of the Yellowhead Hwy to Prince George.

IMG_3871 Sure glad we did not have to call Giver A Yank Towing!!

Our drive today seemed long and with the later start, seemed even longer.  We did arrive in Prince George with full intentions of staying at an RV Park, but drove by the Treasure Cove Casino and decided to boondock like we had done last May 25th at this same casino.  This time we found a new area marked for RV parking.  Don't ask about my luck at the Casino.  I just need to learn to quit when I am ahead!

IMG_1697 IMG_1707 Within sight of the RV (you can see it behind me) was this pickup covered in live plants.


This giant PG (Prince George) man was near the Casino also.  I am certainly dwarfed by him!

We decided to stop in McBride, BC for the night tomorrow instead of driving into Jasper.

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