Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Royal Tyrrell Museum, Sept 21, 2010

This morning about 10:15 we walked into this museum, spent close to five hours looking at displays and reading about them.  And, we still were not done!  Good thing we did buy the two day tickets, so we are heading back tomorrow.  It is an amazing museum, of course, I love dinosaurs.

IMG_2028  “In 1992, Canadian ichthyologist Dr. Elizabeth Nicholls (Curator of Marine Reptiles at the Royal Tyrrell Museum) uncovered the largest known specimen, a 23 m-long (75 ft) example.”  The Shonisaurus Sikanniensis is the largest marine reptile known.  See me back by the tail section.  It was huge!

IMG_4146 The T-Rex is called Black Beauty, it is one of the most complete T-Rex skeletons ever found and the best preserved skull ever found.  It was found by accident by some boys fishing in 1980.

IMG_4157 The Ammonites are extinct hard-shelled, coiled, quid-like marine creatures.  This one is 62 cm in diameter and the most brilliant one ever found in Alberta.  They are both fossils and gemstones.



A Fungus Gnat in amber.  The amber was smaller than a quarter.





IMG_4202 Here is Bob peeking out of the head portion of a Dunkleosteus.  This fellow measured up to 30 feet long.  Got a kick out of the little girl, she was posing just like Bob.



Dinner from a T-Rex point of view! Four big ones and a tender little one!

Today we are museumed out, but tomorrow is a new day and we WILL be back.

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John and Judy said...

Well at least looking at all those old bones makes me feel young!!

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