Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nugget City to Iskut, BC, 197 miles, Sept 9, 2010

IMG_1535  Soon after we left the RV park this morning, this shining Welcome to British Columbia greeted us. 

The Cassiar Hwy is a new adventure for us.  No center painted lines, no edge painted lines and no guardrails.



IMG_3711When we filled up our fuel tanks this morning near the RV Park we found out there was a crash clean up crew on its way down the Cassiar ahead of us.  Soon we found them.  Looks like a semi-truck did not make the 50 kilometer curve and tipped over.  The crash crew was off loading the truck’s contents, looked like produce. 

A little further down we came upon the burned area that had closed the Cassiar for several weeks in August.

IMG_3723 IMG_3724  We then came upon two 5th wheels stopped in the road with a pickup off the road on our side.  Turned out, the person driving the white pickup had lost control, again on a curve, and flipped the truck ending up on our side off of the road.  The two 5th wheeler couples were giving the occupant assistance.  Somehow the driver was near where the lady with a red sweater is.  The other folks had told the 5th wheeler in front of us, you see him in the photo, to go on down the road and when they could, call for an ambulance.IMG_3735 So we went on behind the 5th wheel, he ended up stopping and driving to a campground looking for someone who might have phone coverage, told us to head on down the road and if we found a place to stop and call for help, to do so.  We traveled about 15 miles, found a open grocery and with the clerk’s assistance, called for help only to find out an ambulance had already been dispatched from Watson Lake.  So I trust tonight that the injured driver is safely at a care facility.  Below is where I made the phone call for help.


This area of BC produces large quantities of Jade, so we had to stop and see what we could find. IMG_3746

We did buy a jade pendant for me and a Inukshuk (in-ook-shook), meaning “in the image of man”.  The original purpose of the Inukshuks was to act as a compass or guide.  Ours in now sitting on our dash all 2-1/4” of him!

IMG_3785 We did see a porcupine today and a warning sign for elk.


The fireweed is continuing to put its best foot forward!


Tomorrow  we are driving to Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, leaving the coach, then drive the 40 miles to Stewart and Hyder to see if we can see any bears, it might be too late in the season, will let you know.

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