Sunday, September 5, 2010

North Pole to Whitehorse, Sept 2-4, 2010

9-2-10:  North Pole to Tok, 200 miles, Sourdough RV Park, $32

9-3-10:  Tok, AK to Haines Junction, Yukon, 292 miles, Kluane RV Kamp, $27

9-4-10:  Haines Junction, Yukon to Whitehorse, Yukon, 102 miles,  Pioneer RV Park, $28

After our four day side trip to the far north seeing Prudhoe Bay and Barrow, we took a day to recover.  Then in the last three days we drove close to 600 miles.  We had some mail to pick up in Tok. Then we ended up driving further than planned on the 3rd because our original destination RV park was closed.  But by driving more on the 3th made our drive today barely 100 miles.  We are going to be here in Whitehorse for three nights to rest and resupply.

Sights along the way:

This is Rika’s Roadhouse.  This Roadhouse has been a gathering place since 1904, since it was built right on the Tanana River at a ferry crossing.

IMG_3488 IMG_3496

Loved this dainty bathtub.


Below are the Ferry scales near the roadhouse.  The Alaska Road Commission installed these scales here in 1935 in order to charge a toll to users of the Richardson Hwy.



We made it to the end of the Alcan in Delta Junction. When we end up in Whitehorse in a few days, we will have driven its entire length, in sections. 

IMG_1377 Don’t you love the huge mosquitoes they have here in Alaska!  Actually they have not been bad for our trip.  Only had to use bug spray once when we were at the Taku Lodge out of Juneau. IMG_1385

While in Delta Junction we visited the Sullivan Roadhouse.  Loved their drying rack, right above the heating stove.




Here is photo showing the rack as it was used years ago. 





IMG_3543 The drive from Tok to Haines Junction was a challenge with lots and lots of frost heaves.  Many were marked by red flags and some were not.  We both had our eyes pealed watching for dips, potholes or wavy painted lines indicating the pavement was uneven.


The border crossing went well, just a few questions.  But the actual border was about 20 miles before the Border Patrol station.

IMG_1426  Looks like we found a trumpeter swan pair and cygnets.  Bob spotted some white in a lake as we were driving down the road.  He was able to just stop the coach on the road as there was basically no traffic.  I opened the window and took this photo.   


Then took another zoomed in shot, and enlarged it below.




More road construction.





Another beautiful view!

IMG_3613  And another, this time caught a rainbow.


Our overnight at the Kluane RV Kamp overlooking the Kluane Range, what a view to wake up to!




Below is our only moose sighting for our 600 miles of driving.  When I saw him he was looking out of the woods, but when he heard us in the coach, he turned tail and headed back into the woods.  So it is a south end of a moose heading north!


IMG_1439Since I had not driven the coach for over a year, it was time, so here I go!  All went well, only smelled the brakes once when slowing down for a frost heave!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Goodbye Alaska! Are you taking the Cassiar?

Kathy said...

Such a gorgeous autumn day for your drive down to Haines Junction!
And seeing a family of Swans, plus a moose!
I bet you will be glad to see the end of the frost heaves! I know I was! LOL
Safe travels!

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