Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lethbridge to East of Milk River, AB (Writing on Stone PP), 81 miles, Sept 28, 2010

In case you were wondering,  PP stands for Provincial Park, equal to our state parks.

This was our home for the last two nights in Lethbridge.  Nice trees, but…they block our satellite internet. 

IMG_2186  When we arrived in Lethbridge, we were running on fumes. We were not  sure how much diesel we had left, the gauge was really leaning toward the E.  One place I suggested we get fuel, big wide open station, the one that had the saguaro cactus sculpture, Bob had turned down, saying we still have about 1/2 tank.  As the miles clicked off, so did the fuel tank.  One station we did stop at, pulled up to the pump and then saw they had the handle covered with a bag.  For some reason they were not pumping diesel.  So on we went to Lethbridge and did arrive at the RV park okay.  So yesterday afternoon we scouted out where we could get diesel, and that is what we did first off this morning.  Bob did not fill the tank as we are not too far from the US and are hoping for cheaper prices, we paid .92/liter which equals $3.49 CND (right now with no internet I can’t go and see what the US conversion rate is to tell exactly what it cost in US dollars, when I can I will update this).

Today’s drive was pretty much the same, farm fields as far as one can see.  Here is a ranch or co-op where the grain is stored in the old and the new storage facilities.IMG_4470

Soon we were close to our destination.  If it weren’t for a young lady at a junction in the park that just pointed to where the campground was, I think we would still be wondering around, we sure didn’t see any signs pointing to the campground.  I was very grateful she could read our minds, wondering which direction do we go?  


We were lucky to get one of their seven electric sites with their winter rate in effect of $19  instead of $27.

IMG_4474 Now you can’t see the tree that is blocking our satellite, but, believe me, it is there, so no internet for the next two days.  Today the temps got up in the 80’s, so I did some sunning on my white arms and legs.


In Drumheller we had bought a large bag of the English cucumbers with 8 cucs in it.  If we only ate two of them, it was a cost savings as the bag cost was $5.49 and each one cost $2.60.  And I do love cucumbers. Now with us crossing the US border soon, like day after tomorrow-Thursday, I ended up making a 1/2 gallon full of fresh bread-and-butter pickles with three of them.  I used to make them before fulltiming, but had no recipe (my recipe is back at the stick and brick location), and no internet, so…I just made up a recipe.  Let us hope they taste as good as they look!


I just finished up reading this book.  Back in June, Bob and I flew from Juneau to the Taku Lodge for a great salmon bake.  I had also been at the Taku Lodge in 2000 with my sister for the salmon bake,  as well.  We were on an Alaskan Inside Passage Cruise.  This is same place Mary Joyce started her trip by dogteam to Fairbanks, 1,000 miles.  Amazing story!  (Sis, guess what you are getting for Christmas?)

Believe it or not, but a fire felt good tonight, even though it was 86 degrees in the coach this afternoon. 


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