Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drumheller to Lethbridge, AB, 227 miles, Sept 26, 2010

We decided to stay one more day in Drumheller because we did not want to arrive in Lethbridge on a Saturday afternoon looking for an RV site.   Our logic worked out well, no problem getting a site today when we arrived at the Henderson Lake Campground, electric only site for $34.00 CND.

IMG_2127 Here Bob is unhooking this morning and see that white bag sitting next to another site’s fire ring.  That white bag had some firewood left in it, and it was free.   Well, believe it or not, I did not snitch the partial bag of fire wood.  We had just last night burned up all our scraps of wood we had been carrying all summer.

IMG_4384 Here is Bob sweeping this morning.  He just swept the slide toppers, we are hoping the leaves on top just blow off as we travel down the road.


It was bound to happen, a pickup passed us going really fast and then we heard the loud “wap” sound, and now we sport this quarter size star on the drivers side of the windshield.  Don’t know if a star that size is repairable?  Time will tell.

IMG_4393 Saguaro cactus in Alberta?  Looks like it…but it was out of pipe.

IMG_4388 Today we drove by huge farm fields, as far as one could see.  Now this is big sky country too!

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