Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Prudhoe Bay and Arctic Ocean dip, Aug 30, 2010


This morning we were up bright and early to be at the meeting point for our Prudhoe Bay Tour. We were in a 20 passenger bus with seats around the outside. Our driver did narrate some, but was not a man of many words. The best part was when he stopped at a spit for us to walk out and take a dip in the Arctic Ocean, they even provided towels for us, nice touch. YES, it was cold!!

IMG_1144 IMG_1149 After the tour of Prudhoe Bay, by the way, you can only see Prudhoe Bay on a tour, monitored admittance. We all needed to provide photo ID’s to be admitted on the tour.

Our group, Paul from Frankfurt Germany, Bob and Linda, Martha and John from Detroit and John our tour guide.

IMG_3271IMG_3286Soon John dropped everyone except us at the airport for their flight back to Fairbanks. Our flight was leaving later, after lunch, so back to the Deadhorse Camp for some relaxing time and lunch. We relaxed by taking a walk across from the Deadhorse Camp in 45 degree weather. On the walk we both got in the mud, but found this piece of dried tundra to brush off the mud.IMG_1170


This photo was taken from the air, not too far from Deadhourse. The shapes you are seeing are called polygons. Check out the link to understand what and why they occur.

IMG_1181We had a nice flight to Barrow. Barrow is the northernmost city in the United States.

Here Bob is on the Arctic Ocean in Barrow where the Chukchi Sea and the Beaufort Sea join forming the Arctic Ocean.



The Osaka Restaurant across from our hotel was our dinner spot.

The Beef Bulgogi I had for dinner was wonderful and I really loved the green tea with toasted rice. Wonderful meal.



Our room at the Top of the World Hotel as compared with the others we have stayed in was very luxurious.

Tomorrow we are taking an all day tour of Barrow,with Tundra Tours. Then we fly back to Fairbanks.

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