Sunday, September 12, 2010

Meziadin Jct to Telkwa, BC, 176 miles, Sept 11, 2010

9/11 – We all will never forget… 

We will be staying in Telkwa BC (just about 8 miles east of Smithers) for two nights. The Ft. Telkwa RV Park overlooks the Bulkley River, full hookups for $28/night. Even our Motosat was able to connect, so life is good.


We continue our drive on the Cassiar, road is good and even has lines! Notice the electric pole, well, according to the Milepost, this electric line was completed in 1990 providing Stewart with electricity, before 1990 they used diesel to generate their electric. That was just 20 years ago!

IMG_1659We stopped for a break at the Gitwangak National Historic Site. See the lighter brown colored hill behind me, that is what they refer to as Battle Hill. Yes, we walked down the 107 steps you see here and then up 66 steps on the backside of Battle Hill.


Saw this sign on the door of a Petro-Canada Fuel Station. Think they mean change from winter studded tires to regular tires. Elders not Seniors. Think it must be a First Peoples community.

IMG_3830 More road construction, Bob commented as we approached this fellow with his back turned to us that he “must be very trusting” that we would stop! And we did.

IMG_3827 Some new sights today, horses, cattle, and hay fields.

IMG_3835 Our view of the Bulkley River our of our windshield.

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