Saturday, September 11, 2010

Iskut to Meziadin Jct on Cassiar Hwy, BC, 158 miles, Sept 10, 2010


This is our site for last night at the Mountain Shadow RV Park in Iskut($35 water and 30 amp).  When we arrived last night, there were mountains you could see behind our coach, really!


IMG_1551 The Cassiar Hwy so far for us has been a chip sealed good road, but no lines and no shoulder.  This might look like it has a shoulder, but it is left slope, flat road bed, then right slope.  400

Bob drove this road slowly and we had no problem.  Soon we began to see evenly spaced dashed lines, think they were saving on paint.

IMG_1555  Then, actual pavement with center and white side lines.



Then, Bob heard me say over and over as he slowed down, “it’s a bear!  It’s a bear!”

This fellow gave a great show!  Bob stopped the coach about 50’ from the bear and he kept eating, then started to walk down the side towards the coach.  I opened my side window and got this photo, this grizzly was within 10’ of the coach.


As the day went by, Bob saw a dead bear along the roadside, wished we could have stopped to check it out, but nowhere to pull over.  Also spotted another one on the road, but that one soon took to the brush.

We arrived at our stopping place for the night, the Meziadin Lake Provincial Park, no hookups $16.  After lunch we headed out to drive over to Stewart and Hyder, about a 40 mile drive.

We drove by this glacier called Bear Glacier.   Just love the blue!

IMG_1592 Soon we crossed the border back into Alaska entering the town of Hyder.


Here is the bear viewing boardwalk in Hyder.  While we were there, no bears, but did see evidence (fresh salmon parts) around the creek that runs  in front of this boardwalk. (Since I am writing this the day after, I can tell you that about dark last night the bears did appear.  At a rest stop another traveler told us they saw bears last night.)



This bear hide along with claws was at the bear boardwalk area. 




After our no bear sightings at the boardwalk, we drove up the road to see another glacier, Salmon Glacier.  This glacier is North America’s fifth largest.  The clouds or fog covered up the top.

IMG_1627 We continued our drive up the gravel road, but the glacier top area was under the cloud cover.   But on the way down I was able to capture this photo.


A beautifully decorated home from days gone by in Stewart, BC.



Several of these poles along the road to Stewart and Hyder had huge piles of rock around the base.

Boy, were we tired when we got back to the coach, had a quick bowl of  leftover Chicken Kale soup, then in bed by 8:30!

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