Friday, September 24, 2010

More exploring around Drumheller, AB, Sept 24, 2010

Just a few miles northwest of the RV Park is an overlook of Horsethief Canyon.


From this overlook you could follow a social trail down into the badlands, guess where we went!  I went down to explore.

IMG_2107 Bob also went down, then he went up on top to see what he could see.

IMG_4353 This area was once the bottom on an ancient sea and yes we did find fossilized shells.

IMG_2108 Right in the center is a fossilized bone fragment and around the bone are pieces of fossilized shell and shell still in the matrix. 


Once the road climbed up out of the valley, oil wells sprouted.




Soon we descended back down into the valley to a river crossing, on the Bleriot Ferry, one of the seven remaining cable ferries in Alberta.




See the farm across the valley.  Lots of canola oil is produced from these fields.  I would love to see the fields in full yellow canola bloom.


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