Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary Royal Tyrell Museum, Sept 22, 2010


This morning on Facebook I saw a similar photo.  Evidently folks from the Royal Alberta Museum (Edmonton) added some pink mammoth decorations to the entrance sign in commemoration of the Royal Tyrrell 25th Anniversary.

Since we had bought two day tickets, back we went to finish up the Museum.  We signed up for a special walk at 11 am, 7 Wonders of the Badlands.  We ended up having a private tour, all by ourselves.  The area is so much like the, familiar to us, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.

IMG_4248 I even got to hold a fossil.

IMG_4251 Great walk, now back to the museum.

Fossilized pine cone.  In real life it was the size of a large walnut.IMG_2061 IMG_4244

This is the Albertosaurus tooth found in the Edmonton sewer less than a month ago.  We actually saw this display being put together.  Yesterday morning it was just an empty plastic display area, by afternoon it was completely done.



This turtle is one of my favorites.  He looks so unreal.

“This is a Plesiobaena, found only in North America.  He was unable to draw his head into its shell the way modern turtles do.  The streamlined shell and long tail suggest that he was an efficient swimmer.”


The area each of the fragments are resting on was the size of a dime, so they are small, but amazing!


This is a fossil of a Flying reptile.  “Birds were not the first vertebrates to take to the air.  Before them, winged reptiles or pterodactyls, evolved the ability to fly.  Although most were small agile fliers, some later forms had wingspans of 17 meters (55 feet) making them the largest airborne creatures ever.”   This fellow was only about 12” small by comparison.


Bob and a Wooly Mammoth.


As you can tell we both thoroughly enjoyed this museum.



Here is one of the resident bunnies, there are several living in the campground.



View from out behind the campground, the harvest moon was just rising.


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