Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prince George to McBride, BC, 133 miles, Sept 14, 2010


Our journey east towards Jasper started out foggy, but the inukshuk (stone figure) on the bank was pointing the way.

IMG_3882 Soon the fog cleared with a few mountains in our view.

IMG_1731 The Milepost told about a short hike we could take in an Ancient Forest.  The Ancient Forest was an uncut inland rainforest estimated to be 2,000 years old.  These cedar trees were huge!

IMG_1729 IMG_3908a









And this red mushroom  cluster was very small (see my fingernail for scale).

Tonight we stopped at the Beaverview RV Park, just east of McBride BC.  $28/night, water and 30 amp electric, nice level site on grass.

IMG_1744 IMG_3921

After lunch we drove back into McBride, and stopped at the Whistle Stop Gift shop in the old RR depot.    We found Stevia Leaf, it is a herbal sweetener.  We use the powered version, but have not seen the leaf version available for purchase.  Makes a great cup of tea when a leaf is steeped with tea.


I also visited with some tourists who had stopped at the RR station on their way to Jasper.

IMG_1750 Bloom where God plants you!  Even if it is in a crack in the asphalt!


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