Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exploring around Drumheller AB, Sept 23, 2010

Here is a church that is advertised on the local radio of seating 10,000, six at a time. 

IMG_4323 IMG_2076









As you can see, it is built on a small scale 7’x11’, but they are correct, it does only seat six!

Our next stop was to see the suspension bridge in Rosedale, a few miles east of Drumheller.  This bridge was once used by miners from the Star Mine.

IMG_4333  Yes, it was a LONG walk over open grate with a river flowing below, but at least Bob was not on it making it bounce.


We also drove to the Atlas Coal Mine.  Even though there were tours offered, no one was around to give them as they were busy with two bus loads full of noisy kids.  In 1979 this mine shipped its last load of coal.  There were 139 coal mines in the Drumheller area from 1911 to 1979.


The HooDoo area is not far from the Atlas Mine.



We stopped at a local grocery store and found these baby cucumbers, they are my favorite! (Grown in Canada)IMG_4346


Also found a place to get a haircut.  Last one was the end of June in Dawson City, YT. 

I am trying to let my hair get a little longer, time will tell if I succeed.


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

That HooDoo area looks cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Linda and Bob,
Sounds like you love Drumheller as much as us! Raider loved the bunnies all over the campground!
Such a wonderful place to explore!

That little church was a kick!

Thanks for renewing our memories of this little jewel of Alberta!

Happy and safe travels!

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