Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New A/C Unit – September 1, 2009

We arrived at RV Pro in Vancouver, WA around 9:30 and by 11:30 we were on our way home strutting a new A/C unit. 

First the old one is dissembled and removed.


015 Then you have to get the new one up on top with the help of a fork lift with extensions

018 Next, you have to position it just right (no, that is not Bob).

022The new unit was put to the test with a  Clamp Fluke meter, and it worked like a charm.


  And, no, we did not get a furry friend, this is Hitch, the RV Pro resident cat.  He sure was a friendly one.


The best part of all,   our  new A/C unit was covered under the Extended Warranty we purchased in Oct of 2006.  All we paid was the $200 deductible.  This unit’s (Duo Therm) total cost was $1,342.

After getting back to the RV park in Silverton, Oregon, we went out to the local market for some goodies.


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Oma Gammel said...

Hi, Linda! How was the A/C unit you installed in your RV years ago? I hope it is still in good condition. If it doesn’t efficiently give you cool air inside your RV anymore, I think you better opt for a new one. I’d love to hear about your A/C unit’s condition. ->Oma Gammel

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