Friday, September 25, 2009

Glacier National Park - Day 1 - Sept 24, 2009

We are here.


We already knew Glacier’s Apgar Visitor Center had a web cam, so our first stop was to be photographed by it. We called Megan and she was able to capture us on the cam. Thanks for emailing the photo to us.

glacier_park 9-24-09 We spoke to a ranger inside about what hikes would be good for us-he gave us a list and map showing 15 hikes we can do from the West entrance. The Going-To-The-Sun road which takes you across the park, west to east, is closed from Avalanche Creek to Logan Pass for repairs. So to see the other side of the park we will need to drive around the southern part of the park, about 2 hours. We have decided to move the RV on Saturday closer to the east entrance to explore that side.

Today I chose the Avalanche Lake trail two miles (one way) with a 500’ elevation change.

I am being brave, see the smile, balancing (the key word-not my best skill) on this log.


106 A fellow hiker offered to take our photo.

108This backpacker disappeared over a year ago, he was a solo hiker. Still missing. Sort of brings back the potential grim reality of being this area and the wildlife. Wonder if he had bear bells?

This is Avalanche Lake, very pretty.

284 Some view along the hike.


The perfect posing spot.

Looking down into a gorge, see the log wedge in the crack.287 Bob along the stream. 121

Another trail is calling on us tomorrow, just not sure which one. I don’t do 7-8 mile hikes with 2000’ elevation change…so time will tell.

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