Monday, September 7, 2009

Bob’s Been Busy – September 7, 2009

Bob has been busy with some modifications to the coach. 

Sensor:  He turned our thermostat sensor so the openings are vertical which is how they were designed to be installed and not horizontal. (this was taken before he turned it)

035Comfort Control:   Our AC/Furnace/Heat pump controls were mounted just a little to high for us to see the digital readout, so he took out the top screws out and just tipped the control unit so we can read it much easier.  We had a piece of black foam that was cut down to fit the gap.

093Microwave Plug:   Bob replaced the outlet that our Microwave plugs into.  He had difficulty unplugging it which he had tried to do before (and failed) and now he knows why.

033 Looks like somewhere along our last 3-1/2 years we almost had a fire-we were lucky.  Now the outlet has been replaced, but Bob wants to now replace it with a switched outlet so when we are boondocking we can flip the switch and the microwave will not use any battery power.

Moved Sani-Con:


You are now seeing more of our coach that you ever thought you would or wanted to.  This is the black tank dump valve, and also the black tank emaciater pump Sani-Com, – white box in the back.  Bob goal was to turn it, the pump, around and shorten the 3” black corrugated hose.  In this photo it is coming out towards the front of the compartment and in the next photo it has been turned and you no longer see it from the front. 


Here is a photo of the Sani-Con unit once we had it removed from the coach.


The photo above is how it was.  We took out the Sani-Con, did some replumbing and now that large black hose is facing towards the back of this photo

105 This is now what you see from the front.  Big job-done!


Washer/Dryer Handle:  Yesterday I went to open the washer/dryer to fold a load of laundry and the handle came off in my hand.  After a quick visit to the internet, found instructions on how to open the Splendide door if the handle is broken, and it worked.  Now we need to find a replacement part, but so happens their west coast parts center is about 40 miles away, so going to call tomorrow and see if we can pick up a new door handle kit.


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