Monday, September 28, 2009

Glacier, Day 5, Sept 28, 2009

We decided to stay an extra day here at Glacier as the storm is forecast to arrive tomorrow and is suppose to be only rain and no snow. 

This joke was on our Rules at the Johnsons of St Mary RV Park and thought it worthy of posting.

005 We took it easy today to rest up from our hiking yesterday.  We drove up to Logan Pass (Continental Divide).  This is where the road ends currently due to road repair.018Even if the Going to the Sun Road were open, this tunnel would be a stopper for big rigs.  They say no vehicle over 10’ and/or 21’long can travel this road between Avalanche Creek and Logan Pass-currently closed.



These two Mountain Goats were way up on the side of this mountain.  I’ll post a non zoomed photo next, you can barely see them, just about centered in the photo.

032 Back to the coach for the rest of the afternoon.050


Our sunset view out of the front windshield from a few days ago.  This spot wins for the best views from the coach!

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