Thursday, September 24, 2009

Travel to Glacier National Park, Sept 23,2009

When we got up this morning we did not know if we were heading north to Glacier or south to Yellowstone.  We checked the weather forecast and decided it was north to Glacier, the weather is wonderful, 75 high and 45 low for the next week.

First we had an argument with our GPS on which route we should take.  Perhaps we should have listened as we ran into a 15 mile section where they were totally rebuilding the road.


Here is where the pavement ended and the gravel began.  Bob took it show and easy and we fine.



This is what you don’t want to see coming towards you in a construction zone, an Oversized Load.  He was knocking down all the edge markers on his right side.  Bob just stopped the coach and let him pass us…barely.

094We stopped at a road side parking area for lunch, so took advantage of the  backdrop for a full rig photo.  Good thing it was taken at a distance, you can’t see how dirty the coach is or how many bugs had died on our windshield.




Great spot for lunch.



We drove to Coram, and are spending the next three nights at the North American RV Park which is about 5 miles from the west entrance to Glacier National Park. No need for reservations, only about five RV’s in the park.

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