Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blowing in the Wind, Sept. 29, 2009

With the glooming forecast for this part of the country being rain/snow we knew it was time to leave northern Montana (50 miles from Canada) and head south.  We drove back to Deer Lodge, MT where we were last Wednesday morning.  The storm is to arrive tonight, so that means WIND today, blowing the storm in.  Bob did a great job driving the coach, it is heavy so doesn’t blow around too much, not like our Class C we used to have.

We chose a different route back.  Since we were on the east side of Glacier NP at St Mary, we drove north about 8 miles to Rt 464 to Browning, Rt 89 to Choteau, 287 to I-15, Rt 12 to I-90, then on into Deer Lodge.  Good roads all the way except for a 5 mile section with this sign.  002

The road was gone, and this late into the season, I don’t think it will be done this year—but who knows?



008Then we came upon this moving road block.  The herd was crossing the road going to a pasture across the road—we did not see anyone on two feet in charge??

013Know how pesky a fly can be inside the coach when you are driving, landing on your hand, then the window. 


Well, see that black dot (they fly is alive), it is not a splattered bug on the outside, it is a fly who paid the ultimate price! (Bob whapped it – yes while driving.)

023 We saw several of these hay stacks along the road, they use this triangular apparatus called a beaver slide hay stacker to lift the hay up and make this hay stack for winter.  I think they just remove sections of the fence and the cattle can eat when the snow becomes feet thick. (OR, another thought…the snow gets so deep the fence makes no difference and the cattle just walk on top of the snow to eat the stacked hay.)  The photo above was taken near Avon, MT, where the link references his photos as well.

We may have snow here tomorrow, but we are planning on going nowhere.

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