Saturday, September 26, 2009

Glacier – Day 2 – Sept. 25, 2009

Two hikes were agreed upon for today, to Howe Lake (4 miles RT) and then to Rocky Point (2.2 miles RT) for lunch.

Howe Lake’s trailhead was up a gravel road, so glad we did not meet anyone as it was narrow and at times on the edge!!

This area of Glacier had fires in 2003 so much of what we walked through was what you see after a fire.

007 003

Even though it had been burned, it created its own beauty. Plus we saw thousands of new trees growing, a new forest growing.

011 This is Howe Lake. Beautiful, isn’t it!

We were walking


in grizzly country, so I had to find a bell, you know “bear bells” and this tiny jingle bell was the only one I could find in the coach-think it was part of a candle gift we received. It MUST have worked!! As we are alive to write this post. yea!!! (Bob called this bell a 'cub' bell, wasn't big enough to qualify as a bear bell.)

014 I love taking photo’s up a tall objects, water towers, etc. This burned tree was very unique!!

016 Signs of fall – very pretty.


The trail sometimes has obstacles.

052 Lunch overlooking Lake McDonald.

019 We added a new state to our US map, Montana!!

Tomorrow we drive over 90 miles to Saint Mary’s to explore the eastern side of Glacier.

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