Monday, September 21, 2009

Montana Old Prison + Shots – Sept 21, 2009

We had a cold morning today, had a frozen water line for awhile.  Today we went sightseeing to the Montana Old Prison and Museum plus the Old Car Museum. When looking at the next photo you would think we were in Europe-a walled city, but alas we are in Deer Field, MT at the Montana Old Prison-see the barbed wire on top of the wall.

017 I was impressed with the effort to use metric, notice the motto, “A meter is a yard that’s giving 110%”.

005 The Old Prison Museum was well done with a self guided booklet to follow as you walked around.  Guess who got put behind bars!!

079Next to was on to the Old Car Museum, they had rooms and rooms of old vehicles from the beginning to the 1970’s.   I enjoyed seeing the Burma Shave signs you used to see along the road.  Where did they go? 


A Peach, Looks Good, With Lots of Fuzz, but Mans No Peach, and Never Wuz… Burma Shave.

051 Past, School Houses, Take it Slow, Let the Little, Shavers Grow…Burma Shave

We also stopped at local grocery market today and I was impressed with the fact the basket hooked onto the checkout counter.  I think I am easily impressed—it was new to me, never seen it before.

111 Then we stopped at Safeway and got our flu shots.

112 054 Adios Amigos, our sunset tonight!  Another one of God’s masterpieces!


In the special moment in time…Enjoy Beauty!

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