Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zounds, Farmer’s Market, Bean Brownies, August 30, 2009

Friday we had an appointment at a Zounds office about 30 miles from where we are staying in Silverton, OR.  This is the company where Bob purchased his hearing aids back in December.  They have offices all over.  The left  hearing aid  just stopped working and come to find out it just needed a new link, took all of two minutes for the repair.

Also on Friday we received a call from Sandy at RV Pro saying our new AC unit will be ready to install on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Originally they said it would take 1-2 weeks, but we thought it would be closer to the two weeks, but we were wrong.  We are going up on Tuesday (9/1) to have it installed, then coming back to where we are now in Silverton, OR until after Labor Day.

On Saturday we checked out the local farmers’ market.

012 It wasn’t very large, but we did buy some tomatoes, peppers, squash and a cucumber.

017 Today I baked some Chocolate Black Bean Brownies.  This recipe uses no flour and you do use a can of black beans-blended up.  If you want the recipe email me.

024 In this special moment in life…Gazing at stars

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