Thursday, August 27, 2009

Build in Toilet Brush Set – August 27, 2009

My beloved dish drainer has been used so much, 3 years now, that one of the plastic tabs broke off and now I need my shredder positioned just right to hold up the one side.

006In my search for another one, I came across this one. The description says,

S07136ST-1 Dish Rack with Compact Structure and Built-in Toilet Brush Set

I think something was definitely lost in translation!!

Camping World used to carry it, in fact that is where I bought my originally, but it is no longer available in their online catalog. (Item No. 4971 – Folding Dish Rack). My only hope to get one would be if I could find one in one of their stores. I have checked the store near us in Wilsonville, OR and they do not have one in stock. If anyone finds one or two, I will gladly reimburse for cost + shipping.

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