Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Visits – con’t, August 10-17, 2009

About a mile from the RV park was a nice fishing dock, so we spent time there so the boys could try to catch some fish. Bob and I sat and read while Rich and Zach try to catch something, anything.


They both caught small ones, don’t small ones count as fish.133

Here is Zach with one he caught. He sure was full of grins.

Before we knew it, the time for Rich to fly back to Sacramento was here. But before we dropped him at the airport, we went by a HobbyUSA store and he helped Bob buy a new toy.

It is a Traxxas Slash (short course, off-road race truck) 1/10 size, electric remote controlled. Boys and their toys!!



Here we are outside the hobby shop. We sure had a great visit with Rich.

Between the times that Rich flew home and Meg arrived, we had cloudy colder weather. One of those days we took Zach to a Mt. St. Helens visitor center. He was very fascinated by this display of a volcano. He really was.

Here is Z123ach doing tricks.115

On Friday (14th) it was time for Megan to fly in, here she is getting her hugs, but not too busy to smile for a photo.072

126 Zach wanted to take his Mom fishing (what else). He caught over 20 fish (small perch, and one bass). Meg even caught a few, but the elusive catfish never got on her hook!!



Before we knew it, it was time for Meg and Zach to fly home. We so enjoyed her visit and Zach’s visit was for 11 days. 084


Rich, do you know anything about how this creature got in our coach??!! Dad actually found it!!

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