Friday, August 14, 2009

Zach and Rich’s visit, Aug 6-17, 2009

Zach’s visit, Aug 6-17, Rich’s visit, Aug 6-10.

On Aug 6th, Rich and Zach flew in to Portland, about an hour away from Silver Lake, WA.

007 Rich brought his short wave radio and here is his setup on the front seat of the coach.  This was his first chance to talk on the 20 m band.  He also brought his antenna and had set that up on top of the coach attached to the rear ladder.  It all worked as he was able to talk to Iowa, Pt Reyes, CA, and Hawaii.008

On Saturday, the 8th, we drove to see Spirit Lake and Mt. St Helens (if the clouds cleared).  Here we are on top of Windy Ridge which is over 350 steps up-great views, cold and windy. 037 The clouds did clear for a few moments and this it what we saw of Mt. St. Helens.043

Then it was time to hike down to Spirit Lake.  Look what we found along the way, 052 salmon berries, and boy were they good!

Here Rich is holding a handful. 

He did share with him Mom.



Rich and Zach on the edge of Spirit Lake, it is full of downed trees that were blown down during the May 1980 eruption.

057 This photo shows the logs in Spirit Lake from up on Windy Ridge, all the white area are blown down trees.  Amazing!!  It is hard to comprehend the power of the volcano.028 Zach was very interested in the “miners car”.  This car was tossed about like a toy from across the road where it had been parked.  Owners of the car were in their cabin at a nearby mine and were killed when Mount St Helens erupted.

065 On Sunday it was time for some fishing at a nearby dock.  Other fishermen were catching small catfishes, but Zach and Rich caught some perch.

132 133 The boys also had fun driving Rich’s RC 1/10 car he brought with him.  They are checking it out here.

074 Then you have to test drive it.  Rich is even writing down the times for the time trials. 075

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Richard said...

I really had a great time visiting you guy's!!! I wish I was still there!

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