Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shopping Day with Bob, August 21, 2009

With the GPS programmed for a day of shopping,off we went.  First to Fry’s to find a hard drive enclosure case, $25.  Now you are going to ask, “What is that?” well, my original CPU died after we came back from Europe but we thought the hard drive was still okay, so with this case we can take the hard drive out of the old CPU, plug it in to this case and then into my new CPU through a USB port and it should work.  I will jump ahead a little and it does work great, no lost data, yea!!

010 While on our way to Fry’s we saw a Camping World, so we stopped and bought some material to replace the dicor sealant on the roof, (where the end caps and the body meet).  This will be a job for Bob as I don’t go up on the roof.

002 By this time it was past lunch and it just so happened our next stop was at Bob’s Red Mill Outlet.

003 What a fun place, nice restaurant and all of the Bob’s Red Mill products you could ever want.  We had a nice lunch, 1/2 sandwich (Bob’s roast beef and mine egg salad) and lentil barley soup.  Then we got to meet Bob himself.  Here are the two Bobs together – same name, both wear hats, and both wear hearing aids.  Bob “Red Mill” is 80 and a delightful ‘young at heart’ gentlemen. 

006 Our next stop was at Trader Joe’s.  Our freezer is or was a little empty, not now.  We stocked up on salmon, halibut, and some albacore tuna.   While in Europe we were introduced to Greek Yogurt.  Trader Joe’s sell their version of this yogurt, it is delicious!  So a couple of containers are now in our refrigerator.

009  In this special moment in life…see beauty everywhere.

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