Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yes, Bears!! July 12, 2010

Just got back from our 11 pm trip to the fish hatchery and we saw bears – Momma and three cubs!!




Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Awesome! That 2nd pic looks like everyone is about 10 feet from the bears!!

I saw your comment on Gene & Joyce's blog (we stayed in Ninilchik and met Gene yesterday!) that you are heading toward Anchorage tomorrow. We are headed OUT of Anchorage toward you guys tomorrow. I wonder if we will cross paths again. Will you be going to Matanuska Glacier at all?

siteseer said...

HI, got connected with you through Diana's blog. We did Alaska the summer of 2008 and loved it. Aren't all of the animals amazing?! Gotta say when we were that close to the grizzlys it was a little disconcerting :) Enjoy your trip

TennRebel said...

When we were there, there were about 50 people, some closer than you. Some of the locals were just sitting in their trucks shaking their heads.
I just tried to keep several people I thought I could out run between me and the bears. :->

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