Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chores in Wasilla, July 17, 2010

Yes, RVers do have chores, and at times the list grows to the point to where you need to mark some of them off. 

The list:  Get tire, fix ice maker, buy GRI replacement, and check out our ailing steps.

What a surprise we got when we went to the first place I had IMG_9492chosen to get the tire, Johnson Tire.  They told us they could only sell us four  new tires because we have 4 wheel drive and that was company policy.  Yikes, we were shocked, to say the least, as all we needed was one tire, so off to our second choice, Diversified Tire. Wow, what a difference.  We ended up leaving there with one used tire (Goodyear) mounted and balanced on our old rim, all for only $45.

Home Depot was our next stop.  IMG_1677 Easily found the tubing and compression fittings needed for the icemaker repair.  Our old tubing  just sprang another leak after we had it repaired in Junction City in May, but then we watched them fix it, so now we knew how to fix it ourselves.   Also picked up a new GFI to carry with us just in case we need to replace it someday.  Our old one that was acting up a few RV parks ago, is now working fine.  Must have been that parks issue that became our problem. 

IMG_1680Here Bob is attaching the ice maker tubing to the back of the refrigerator, I will flash forward to the next morning, it works fine!

Now on to the steps that won’t go all the out or in.  Bob removed a few bolts, removed the motor that we had replaced in Moab last October, it still seemed to work.  It appears another mechanism was frozen and the bolt securing that part would not come off (see white arrows in the photo).


IMG_1690 Even has some help from a neighbor really wanting to help.  That nut still would not budge.  We’ll check at the local RV repair shop on Monday to see what our options are.


IMG_1692No this is not the RV munching on Bob.  Every so often, during the past two years, we have had to replace bolts that  secure the  generator cover to the generator.  Looks like we need to work on that some more.  But that will wait until tomorrow.

We have extended our stay here until next Wed morning as on Tuesday evening they are having a salmon & moose potluck.  The park provides the salmon and moose and the guests provide the potluck.  Can’t pass up free food!

We are actually getting some evening darkening, this was taken at 10:30 pm.



John and Judy said...

What is the correct wine to have with Salmon and Moose?

Happytrails said...

Sounds like a productive day!!
Nice pic of the evening sky!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Repairs are indeed required. We are stuck in Kamloops, BC with more issues!

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