Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chitina to Valdez, 114 miles, July 9, 2010

Well this morning it was fix a flat day or not.  First Bob IMG_1390aired it up just in case it was a fluke and it would hold air, NOT, you could hear the hissing.  So out came the jack, off came the bad tire and on with the spare.  Shortly we were on our way south to Valdez.

One parting shot of our view of the last couple of days!


  Today was one of the clearest days since our arrival in Alaska.  Those black specks are not birds, just dead bugs. When we arrived in Valdez the windshield was covered with winged warriors.


IMG_9273The Worthington Glacier is behind me, hopefully we can drive back here to explore.  This glacier is about 30 miles from Valdez.




Stopped at the first RV park we came to, Bayside RV.  The lady in charge had just stepped out and the fellow behind the desk thought we would have a spot, but we would have to wait for the lady in charge.  In about 15 minutes, she did arrive and ended up giving us a great site looking at snow covered mountains.  Full hookup site with fast WiFi for $35/night.

IMG_1411Our first order after lunch was to see about getting the tire fixed. Found the only repair shop in Valdez and were told the tire damage was beyond terminal.  They don’t even have a place to purchase tires in Valdez, so will have to wait until Anchorage.

The lady in the RV office told us where to go to see bears feeding on salmon, so before dinner off we go to see what we could see, well, no bears when we were there, but loved these gulls, they were these big babies waiting for their parents to fee them. 

IMG_1415 This is where the bears come as it is near a fish hatchery and the area is restricted for sport fishing.

IMG_1424 IMG_1422


Before we leave Valdez, we will check this area out again for that illusive bear.


This was the end of the road for us, this is the terminal of the Ayeska Pipeline in Valdez.  The public is restricted from entering this area.  Loved the 29 MPH speed limit sign.


Tomorrow we are taking a glacier and wildlife cruise offered by the company called Stan Stevens

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