Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hanging around Soldotna, July 25-28, 2010

IMG_1960Well, we are still in Soldotna.  Bob ended up with a bad cold, but is through the worst of it.  I thought some chocolate zucchini cake might help, this time I baked it in a 9x9” pan, worked well.  Also made a big crockpot full of navy bean soup, hit the spot for a rainy dreary day.


Here Bob is reviewing the Medicare Supplemental Insurance coverage plans.  What a JOB!  We finally figured out what he wanted, then took an hour with the help of an Anthem Blue Cross agent to fill out the enrollment forms online.  We then chose a Drug Plan for him, applied online for that.  Almost done, I had to remove Bob from my health care plan.  Back when we started to fulltime, I had gotten our health care policy through Anthem BC (Bob had read somewhere that is what you should do, since I was younger than him), and added him, so when this time came (for him to sign up for Medicare), it would be easy to just remove him and my policy would continue.  Had to fax that request in, so found a UPS store near the RV park, faxed the request to them AND hopefully that chapter is behind us.


Tuesday morning we saw some activity next to us, they were loading their freezer in preparation for  leaving.  Yes, it was full of salmon, and yes, I am jealous!


Tuesday afternoon, the sun came out, so we did too.  I drove Bob was a passenger as he was recovering from that cold, about 10 miles northwest to the town of Kenai, where the Kenai River enters the Cook Inlet.  Here, if you are an Alaskan Resident, you can use a dipnet to catch salmon.  The rules are pretty interesting, check them out here.  Everyone is in this area because you must dipnet the salmon before they enter the river from the Inlet (bay), the Kenai River is just to the left in the photo.



Kenai is the home of this Russian Orthodox Church, built in 1895, the oldest Orthodox Church on mainland Alaska.


Before heading back to Soldotna we walked around a city park, and you know me and flowers.IMG_1989 IMG_1987






Thursday we are driving about 75 miles to Homer, a new area to explore.  Sure would be nice to see some more sun!


Happytrails said...

If that freezer was full of salmon that is alot of salmon!! :-) That is great eating.
Glad Bob is feeling a little better. Summer colds are so miserable.

Drive safely as you move toward Homer.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Glad to hear that Bob is feeling better. The choc-zucchini cake looks delish!!

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