Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Valdez to Glennallen, 119 miles, July 13, 2010

We left Valdez in a light rain and the rain followed us up to Glennallen.  Thompson Pass looked a little different today.


We are at the Northern Lights RV Park in Glennallen, $30 cash or check with good Wifi.  The trees were spaced so we thought we might be able to connect via our satellite, also had good phone coverage for another phone call to Motosat.  Well, we are still not connected, but after hanging up the phone with Motosat was able to get registered on the new satellite. Receive  Code – connected but Transmit code was not.  We have a call into our installer Bill Adams to see if he can help.


Then just as dinner was ready, delicious pork tacos, our GFI tripped and would not stay ‘set’.  About three weeks ago, same thing happened then the next day seemed OK.  Tonight Bob ran two extension cords out for my computer and monitor as the bedroom has power, soon it will be bedtime, so no power in the kitchen and living room will not matter.  The big city of Anchorage is three or four days away for us, as our next stop may be for 2-3 nites, there we can perhaps find what we need to fix it, if it still is an issue in the morning.

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