Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chicken to Tok, 80 miles, July 3, 2010

Our plans this morning were to take a scheduled 9 am tour of the dredge just outside our front window.  Well, you see they have rules, and they must have four people on the tour before they go and there was only three wanting to go (us and another fellow) so…. the tour was cancelled.  I was not happy.  Guess they don’t care how much bad publicity they get, I’ll do what I can to tell my experience with their non-tour.  This photo was taken last night at 10:15 pm Alaska time.


IMG_1168This area is also famous for gold mining and these folks were ready.



After driving from Dawson City 111 miles in the coach on dirt/gravel roads, we welcomed  the sight of a paved road! 


But now with paved roads those red flags start to appear and sometimes out of the blue we hit an unmarked invisible frost heave, quite memorable!

IMG_1181 IMG_1176

Some folks are ‘smart’ with their mode of transportation.





By turning right at this sign we are now back on the Alcan Hwy and just a short distance from Tok.  After arriving,  found the post office was closed on Saturday so we will have to wait until Tuesday to pick up Bob’s hearing aid  which we had mailed back to AZ for repair when we were in Skagway three weeks ago.

There are several RV parks in Tok, but had to find one that offered reliable free Wi-Fi.  So we unhooked the Explorer and off we went to visit them all and ask questions about their Wi-Fi.  Found one, but first wanted to check out another park, but found they only offer free Wi-Fi for 45 minutes then you have to pay for it, that won’t work, so I called back to the one we originally found and reserved one of their two remaining sites that received good Wi-Fi, Sourdough Campground was the chosen one, with a Good Sam discount was $35 per night. 

Now that we are back in cell phone coverage range do want to call Motosat and have our satellite changed to 127 from 89W as we are out of the 89W footprint.  When we call we also need to have a clear view of the southern sky, so with being parked in these lovely trees and a holiday weekend that Motosat call will need to wait until after we move next Tuesday, that is if the hearing aid is at the PO, if it is not there, then we wait.

IMG_8996 See the layer of tan dust, it is over everything in our bays which I thought were airtight, guess I was wrong in my thinking.

After we arrived, it was necessary for a visit to a real grocery store so we could have lunch.  Their selection is limited, but we will make do.  We are headed to Valdez, they do have a Safeway, yea!

IMG_8998 Our view out the front, yes it is raining which makes it dark enough for the lamp to show!  By the way, the road out front is called the Tok Cutoff, if you take it far enough you can get to Anchorage.

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Happytrails said...

I don't blame you for spreading the "bad" word about that tour of the dredge! You would think 3 people (if you need 4) would still be ok. Bad form!!
Enjoy your time in Tok!!
Happy 4th of July!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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