Saturday, July 3, 2010

Walker Fork BLM to Chicken, AK – 16 miles, July 2, 2010

We had a short drive this morning to arrive at Chicken, but the Taylor Hwy gave us some narrow curvy roads to travel, also a few raindrops came our way.

We did put the rock guard on and it worked well even on this sharp turn out of our site at Walker Fork, the bungees stretch just enough.

IMG_1088 We came up behind another road grader repairing the road and also met several of these small Class C motorhomes, we think they are rentals. Their drivers drive like they are compact smart cars!! When meeting them, we just stop and they have to maneuver past us. So far, no bumped mirrors!



Of course, along the way, only 16 miles, we had sunshine, part sun and a few rain drops. In this photo you can see the arc of the wipers on this sharp turn.

Well, Chicken Alaska consists of three RV Parks with gift stores and cafe’s and the Pedro Dredge. We chose to stay at Chicken Gold Camp for $10 in a boondocking site.


This is our view outside our front window. See our lovely Explorer, it does need a bath!

After lunch we drove down to the Goldpanner RV park, here they offer tours of the historic town site and of Tisha’s school and home, from the book we have been reading. We lucked out as their once a day tour was beginning in about 10 minutes and as it turned out only Bob and I were it. Our own private tour!

IMG_1118 On the left side was Tisha's home and on the right side was the school where she (age 19) taught in 1927.

IMG_8928 This the side she lived on, as you can see the floor has been raised since she lived there.


Here our guide, Nate, is showing us some details of a log house construction. He is a trapper on the other side of the Yukon not far from Eagle and has his own team of sled dogs.

Inside this roadhouse the floor was sinking, I tried to take the photo level with the shelf. All the dishes were found in storage in a nearby building, the plates and platters were enamel ware.

IMG_1138 We then drove to the area called ‘Beautiful Downtown Chicken’ and asked about someone we knew that worked in Chicken, lucked out and he worked at this location. Zach Englund was a toddler when we knew him and his family, they attended the same church as we did. Do think he was glad to see a friendly face.

IMG_8956 IMG_8957 They even had real chickens here.

IMG_8960 I am a happy musher!


Mail is delivered two days a week here in Chicken, Wed and Fridays, see all the packages waiting to be picked up.


See the clean area on the bumper…I added a sticker, I love Pot Holes, Chicken Alaska, so true.


Tomorrow morning at 9 am a dredge tour, then off the Tok and paved roads!!


Happytrails said...

Man those roads look horrible. Did Bob make the rock guard you showed in the pic? Is there a book that tells you what you need to do to your rig for a trip to Alaska?

Glad you are about to hit paved roads again. Travel safe and enjoy!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Diana, Eric, and kids said...

I heart Pot Holes...that is TOOO funny! We need a bumper sticker like that!!

We are still at Denali, although we cannot extend our reservation so we are probably heading to Talkeetna tomorrow.

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