Thursday, July 15, 2010

Success Finally then Relaxing and Food, July 15, 2010

IMG_1658Well this morning I was steeling myself to call Motosat once again, finally made the call and my call was answered within 45 seconds, wow! Then the service tech named Matt, not a Nate or Ryan, proceeded to hear my story. Well within just a few minutes Matt had diagnosed the problem, he thought, and would call me back when he confirmed what he thought was wrong. Well in about 5 minutes, he DID call back telling me that Hughesnet had started the process to change the satellite designation but had not finished it, but now had and in about a hour for us to try the registration process once again and all should be OK. Well he was right, we now have five lights on our internet modem. We are both happy campers!! Although we have been very happy with most RV park’s Wifi, most do work pretty well.

IMG_9457Part of my getting ready to call Motosat was eating breakfast out. Where we are staying, they have a great cafe. First bacon and pancake I have had in years, yes, it was good!

The cappuccino was wonderful!

After lunch we took a walk on the RV Park’s trail. This wild hen was in front of us on the trail and we flushed her and her babies out, Momma and one baby flew to a nearby branch. IMG_9461

Soon this sight came into view, the Matanuska Glacier in the far distance.


I loved all the wild flowers along the way.

Top left-Dwarf Dogwood or Bunchberry. (entire plant 3-4” diameter)

Top right-Northern Monkshood (all parts of this flower and plant are poisonous, especially the roots and seeds).





Now, this is really a surprise, we ate out for dinner too. A Ruben and a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for each, then we share. They were delicious!!


Tomorrow driving to Wasilla, spend for a couple of days seeing the sights, then head down the Kenai Peninsula.

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