Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tok to Gakona, 117 miles, July 6th, 2010

The Post Office had not been open long before we arrived, and yes, Bob’s hearing aid was there.  So now we prepare to head down the road called the Tok Cut Off, in fact we were on this road all the way to our RV park called Gakona Alaska RV Park, $26/night for 50 amp, our site does not have water or sewer, our choice.

First, before hooking up and leaving someone needed a bath.

IMG_1211 Bob did a once over in just five minutes $2 before the timer shut off.  Sure does look better with most of the dirt and dust gone.

We had heard the  Tok Cut Off was not in the best of shape, paved, but many frost heaves.  I agree 110%.  Just take this photo and multiply by 100, maximum speed was about 35 mph.

IMG_1227 The Milepost mentioned we might see moose along the way, but we checked out many moose munching areas but did not see any moose munching.

IMG_1213 But we did see some beautiful clouds.

IMG_1225 Today, on our drive, we found just the right rest area and that also had phone coverage, this was going to be the spot to stop, turn on the inverter and call Motosat and attempt to get us switched to another satellite for coverage in Alaska.  Well after waiting on hold about an hour, a technician started the process, changed some numbers in the configuration file, then told us to search for the new satellite.  The dish did find the new satellite for the receive part of the process but not on the transmit part.  Oh the technician said he would call back, so after an hour waiting for him to call back, I called again and this time only on hold for about 30 minutes.  The same tech answered the phone, told him about not being able to lock on for the transmit part, we changed a few other settings, then he told me he was not going to be able to help me any more today, for me to call back tomorrow.  Grrr!!  Well, that probably won’t happen, because finding just the right combination, a spot with a southern exposure and cell coverage at the same time, not around every bend.  So,  I told him that, but made no difference.  Maybe in the next few days who knows?  Below was our 1st right spot!



Here is the beginning of a delicious adult beverage Bob made for us after we arrived at the RV Park.

Later I went on a flower picking walk, found white yarrow, fire weed and some blooming grass.




The view outside our coach tonight.


And the view inside our coach.  Rhubarb pie from the frozen rhubarb we bought at a Farmer’s Market in Whitehorse.



Happytrails said...

Don't you just hate it when you are put on hold??? And then you are told to call back???? Better yet, how about how long it takes you to actually get to a human voice??
So sorry you weren't able to get your satellite set up.
More nice views!! :)
Have fun,
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Diana, Eric, and kids said...


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