Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glennallen to Matansuka Glacier on Glenn Hwy, 77 miles, July 14, 2010

Well, this morning, we were all ready to go, checking the Explorer hookup and it dawned on me, the Motosat was still up.  The situation with the GFI was still the same, no power in the front of the RV, so Bob got out the extension cords, plug the coach back into shore power  and plugged the Motosat controller in, waited for the unit to power up then hit the Stow button, yes, the dish was going down.   

We had a light mist for about half the journey today, also came across our share of frost heaves.  They usually aren’t marked this well.

IMG_1628  We have a great view of the mountains, 30 amp site, water and electric, at the Grand View RV Park (Milepost 109.7) with a Good Sam discount for $27.90/night.  For whatever reason, our GFI is now working fine, it has tripped at two different parks, then been fine the next day, just another mystery of life.


Since the sun was out when we arrived, we drove to the State Park nearby to see the Matanuska Glacier.  The was a viewing area also a mile walk with some glacier viewing areas.







You can see I am prepared with my bear bells.





Found some huge Bolete mushrooms, even though they are ones you can eat, they were bug infested.



This is a zoomed view of the glacier.  In order to see the glacier up close and personal, you need to visit Glacier Park and they charge a pretty steep admission fee.  Think we will pass of this glacier.  But it is beautiful, love that blue.


Outside the coach, Bob is spotting some Dall Sheep on Sheep Mountain.  They are just specks on the mountain. IMG_1634


The rust coloring is a different color for us to see here in Alaska, the Milepost says “it is gypsum stained with small amounts of iron oxide.  The hydrothermal system that created the gypsum also oxidized (rusted) the iron underground, by exposing it to hot water and sulfuric acid”. 


I say it is simply beautiful!!

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Happytrails said...

I is simply beautiful.
That is a gorgeous glacier and I like the blue color also.

Take care!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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