Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mike’s 3 hour tour and time to pay up, March 31, 2011

Mike Rhodes the owner of this entire project gives weekly tours, and today was our day to go.


Here Mike is giving us an orientation of where we are in the big scheme of it all.


There were times during the three hour tour we bush wacked. Don’t worry about the hairy creature on the right side of the photo, it is not big foot it is big Bob, he is letting his hair grow!


Part of Mike’s property touches the Rio Grande, yes, the other side of the river is Mexico. His tour was very informative, the three hours just flew by.


We were to meet at 2 pm with Jennifer and Arnold to do a final Walk Through. Even had to ask the fellow who was pressure washing to wait until we finished.


Almost all of our list had been completed, so the decision was made to go ahead and close with the remaining items to be completed in three days.

Remaining items:

1. house numbers

2. spray insulating foam around door jam

3. counter sink, fill and paint screw hole in door jam

4. touch up paint where door was closed before paint dried – white and sand colors

5. leave some touch up paint for door and trim

6. mulch around trees in back


See those smiles, we are now land owners in Texas and Jennifer just completed the sale of another lot!


I.M. Vayne said...

Ya sure has gots I.M. confusioned with that there big foot picture of yers. Next time ya might just want to be a pointin' yer camera down a little more as there weren't no foot in that picture atall, let alone a big one.

Diana of Diana Rambles said...


Sue and Doug said...

congrats on being land owners!!!

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