Thursday, March 17, 2011

Retama Village Lot, Thurs, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all!


The two roofers arrived this morning to find they had issues with their nail gun, so  they started out the old fashioned way, using nails and a hammer.  I am sure to them, it was taking forever!!


They were about one half done with a different nail gun arrived, we then had some happy roofers and the job was done in no time.


We are missing a door, there is one in the driveway, but it opens the wrong direction, so another one is to be delivered. 

Items remaining to be completed: 

1.  Front box window needs some additional framing done from the inside

2.  Hurricane straps need to be nailed in place

3.  Front door installed

4.  Front door framing and also needs to be painted

5.  Landscaping, soaker hose irrigation, sod and plants


We attended the St Patrick’s Day get together here at Retama, great corned beef and cabbage dinner!


Bob was proud the cake icing matched his shirt, or he thought it did!


Anyone have any idea what this rash is on Bob’s legs?  It is only on the areas that were sunburned yesterday.  The rash does not itch, nor is it raised.  I have been bathing the rash in aloe.



Happytrails said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you guys!

Gee, I miss a day and look at all the progress!! Wow! It is really looking good. :-)

Sue and Doug said...

the coach house is coming along nicely..those boys work fast! for the rash?..looks like a heat rash or maybe an allergic reaction to the sun?..I get itchy and rashy if I spend too many days in a row in the sun!..maybe some benadryl will alleviate the itchiness!

Nancy and Bill said...

Coach House moving right along!!

Perhaps the rash is a medication reaction? Some medicines tell you to avoid the sun.

John and Judy said...

The coach house is looking really nice!!

John has a itchy rash on his arms that seems to get worse when he's been in the sun for awhile... Of course he claims it's because he isn't getting enough HFCS and junk food!
Hydrocortisone cream seems to help.

Linda said...

Thanks everyone for your rash suggestions and remedies, we are treating the rash at this point. He did say the cortisone cream felt good.

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