Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Along the way to MCD, Feb 25-27, 2011

Since our arrival at MCD in McKinney Tx (NE of Dallas) was scheduled for Sunday the 27th, we had a couple of days to explore Fort Richardson Historic State Park in Jacksboro.  The drive from Hondo to Jacksboro was 325 miles, way more than we like to travel in one day. But we wanted to get their so we could see the sights the park had to offer.IMG_6161


As usual not many structures are still standing, but the powers that be have done wonders with what they have. 


IMG_6109The Hospital.

Inside with mosquito netting over the cots.



IMG_6118The Stockade with narrow accommodations.




The mess hall.






Indoor plumbing.

Bob noticed this biography of one of the Fort’s commanders, Col William Wood.  The war he fights in, “War of Northern aggression”, is known to us, born and raised in Ohio, as the Civil War.  With us now being domiciled in the “South”, guess we have to get used to this sort of verbiage.


The park also offers nice trails.


and our site offered trees and relaxing space.


Tomorrow, Sunday, we head off to MCD 100 miles away.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I wanna sit outside in short sleeves!!!

Malone said...

I love these old forts. Looking forward to following along on your adventures, and thanks again for your comments on my blog about Alaska!

Sue and Doug said...

great campsite to stop and sit a 'spell'!!..hope the MCD install goes well!

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