Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tree choices for Retama Village lot

We had originally chosen a Mesquite tree for our one allotted tree included in our lot purchase package. Our choice actually was an Mexican Olive, but since there is one next door, they don’t like to put two of the same tree on adjoining lots. Victor, Retama’s landscaper, knew we wanted a smaller tree, so he suggested a Mexican Poinciana. Here is what their web site says about this tree.

A real show stopper when in bloom, which occurs on and off throughout the year. Fragrant flowers attract a lot of attention. Birds enjoy this great little nesting site. Butterflies and hummers love appreciate the nectar. Plant more of these! Texas Native! Rio Grande Valley Native! Small Tree, 6’+.”

I found a couple of these trees in the park, they are blooming now.



I do believe our tree will eventually get to be over 6’ as these in the park are close to 15’. I think the 6’ is for dry areas, our area will be watered.

Victor also said they would plant another tree for us as we were wanting a Satsuma Mandarin Orange tree.


This variety is called a Miho Satsuma. This variety is freeze tolerant, that is good in light of the cold freezing (few days) which occurred here this past winter. Our hopes are for this tree to become established so when we are back here in a couple of years, we will have fruit.


I have been taking advantage of our temporary site’s coach house, using it as a clothesline drying space.


Our sunset last evening!

Lot update:

We are to close on our lot on Thursday, but there are a few remaining items to be done yet.

1. sod & landscaping (trees and plants)

2. electric meter (we also will need to select from over 15 companies with almost as many plans for our service – an overwhelming task)

3. door handle and lock

4. RV sewer lid edges currently cemented closed

Did find out they keep our window screens and give them to us at closing, less damage that way.



Paul and Marti Dahl said...

See you're putting your coach house to good use already. Kind of an expesnsive clothes dryer!

The trees you've picked will look very nice once they're in place and established. Hope you get lots of fruit, that should offset the purchase price of the lot some. ;c)

Kathy said...

What a nice choice of tree!
Your new place is coming along so very nicely! Just a few more days!

BTW yes, we're "on the list" at the Escapee Park in Nevada, our number will come up in a couple years. It was nice to linger here for the winter, but now we both have "hitch itch" to some where new! :)

Happy trails,
Kathy & Grant

John and Judy said...

We love flowering trees too - they will look beautiful on your lot. Only a few more days before you get to park in that driveway!!

Kat said...

Just thought of those fertilizer sticks, or pegs, they used to have. Those dissolve slowly over time and might be good for your plantings. Your email still doesn't like me. I didn't wait the 3.4 days or whatever.

Happytrails said...

Sorry I am so late in posting my comments...just been crazy lately!

Love the tree you picked. I love the flowering trees that attract birds and butterflies!! Very pretty!

Can't wait to see the finished product! Won't be too much longer!!

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