Sunday, March 6, 2011

Arrival back at Retama Village, March 5, 2011

Our journey today took us from Tye, near Abilene,  to Boerne (which  by the way rhymes with journey). Why, you ask, are we headed back to Mission?  We are headed back to watch our lot at Retama Village be improved.  Bob wanted to drive through San Antonio first thing on Saturday morning.  We try to avoid big cities and heavy traffic whenever possible, so stopping just north of San Antonio on Friday afternoon was the plan. 

With high winds and rain forecast for Sat. Bob wanted to get an early start.  He woke me close to 6 am and by 7 we were ready to pull away from the site and I heard a different sound than usual, like a tailpipe vibrating.  Took a couple of minutes of dialog from Bob like it can’t be a tailpipe vibrating when I realized what it was, the slide near where I sit was not all the way in.  Since the slides won’t move with the engine running, Bob had to turn off the motor, I then pulled in the slide and we were then, good to go, well, at least we thought we were.  As Bob was leaving the RV park, we heard a clunk from the roof.  Bob commented that the park had low hanging branches, this park will not get a good review from him!  Well, the branches weren’t that low hanging, it was the fact our Motosat was still up.  YIKES!  That also explains why three other folks in the park were trying to get out attention, waving and kept pointing up.  So, Bob, stops on the RV park exit road, I turn on the inverter and then stow the Motosat – did you know it will stow okay even though the GPS light in not on.  By now it was close to 7:30 and we were finally on our way to face some more trials, the wind and rain.  Only a few sprinkles fell on us, of course, while we were driving through downtown San Antonio. 

Soon we were arriving in the Rio Grande Valley and love when the lanes are marked, helps the  navigator tell the driver where to go!


Within 30 minutes we were at Retama Village where we will be until early April.  Soon we walked a couple of blocks away to see the progress on our lot.  We want to thank our lot neighbors, Dianne and Roger,  who had emailed us photos of the work the contractors had done on Thursday (survey and state site)  and Friday (move dirt), so we had a preview of what we were going to see.




Above, Bob is standing at the edge of where the coach house will be built.

Below, the view of our dirt lot from the lovely patio of our neighbors, Dianne and Roger.


Note to self, do not go shopping at Sam’s Club  on a Sunday morning.  We were not alone.  IMG_6286



Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, that was a close one. Good thing you caught the Moto Sat being up before it was too late! That would have hurt!

Sue and Doug said...

lesson learned!..thanks for the tip!...always seems even a short trip should involve the same checklist!..have a good week..can't wait till the coachhouse is built!!

John and Judy said...

I like Bob's version better.

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