Friday, March 4, 2011

Our time at MCD, Feb 27-Mar 3, 2011

Upon driving into their parking lot on Sunday afternoon, we were greeted by Peggy and Jim. Options were explained regarding parking, back-in or pull-in. We opted to pull-in so our front view would be a nice green field and not their loading docks.


Jim helped Bob pull-in and get our electric hooked up, because we pulled-in we had to dig out our 50 amp extension cord. Peggy said she would be back in the morning to start the process and to find out what we wanted.

Monday, 2/28/11

IMG_6165Around 9:45 on Monday morning, Peggy and Christina helped us decide what we wanted. They left telling us the fellow who measures the windows would be in soon, then Peggy would be back with our estimate of material cost. Labor at $85/hour would be charged later for the installation. By 12:30 all the above was done.

Below Brandon and Andrew are measuring the windshield, all 95.875” of it.


Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011

IMG_6181Tuesday morning we ventured downtown to explore their historical district. Very nice area.

By early afternoon, we headed back to the coach for lunch. Then about 3 pm, there was knock at the door. The shades were completed and they were going to start installation.


They first placed all the shades on the floor where they were going to be installed. Each window took about 5-6 minutes to remove the old shade and install the new one.

Out with the old…



…in with the new.


They hung the front windshield shade just temporarily so we would have privacy for the night as their day was over. The wrinkle in the front night shade does go away.


Wednesday, Mar 2, 2011


More shade installation, this is the driver’s side window. It is going to be powered, so Bob can easily raise or lower either of the shades while driving.


Above I am helping hold the valence trim MCD added to cover up the top of the shades.

Below is the finished valence, we were able to choose the color of the fabric coving this valence.



This was the only window we were not 100% pleased with. It is an odd shaped window, but, fitting RV windows is what they do. In the next photo you can see that the shade was not hung straight. We also did not like the fact the black window frame shows on the right side.


After much discussion with the supervisor and Peggy, as to whether we might want it remade, it was decided to wait and see what it looks like after they adjust it.

Thursday, Mar 3, 2011

On Thursday morning, Brandon came back in to straighten up the shade, one side of the shade needed to be shimmed as it was installed on two different surfaces, the coach front IMG_6273padded headliner and also under the overhead cabinets. Brandon also made a light blocking corner (it is removable) to prevent light from coming in at the edge when the night shades are pulled.

With their adjustments we decided to keep it.

We really love the screen door application. It attaches to the middle of the screen door, then you pull it up and hook it at the top. They call it a Pull-Up Solar/Privacy Shade.


We paid our final amount for the labor, the estimate was for 10-12 hours, but we were only charged for 6 hours. Also received some wiper covers for free. By noon, we were on our way.

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Lookin good!!!! Hope they work well for you.

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