Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Dec 31, 2008-Jan 1, 2009

While in the Phoenix area we purchased a wooden circle to put on the steering wheel to make a table when we are parked. Wednesday was the day to sand and stain the surface. Today, New Year's Day, Bob sprayed a satin finish on it called Deft. We have used Deft for a long time to refinish furniture and love the surface it leaves.

Late in the afternoon it was time to put out the New Year's Eve luminaries. As you can see I am in shorts, the temps got up to the mid 70's. They burned for over 2 hours.
I did not have to dig very deep to find our New Year's Eve party hats and blowers. We had brought our champaign with us. See the view out of the window.

It is party time, well for about 10 minutes. We celebrated the east coast New Year's and was in bed by 10:00 pm our time. We even got out the Yahtzee game and looking over the score cards saw the last time we played it last New Year's Eve with my sister while we were in Fredericksburg, Tx.

Guess what Bob wears in the desert??? Well, to be honest, he had on shorts under the blanket, it just that during our happy hour the sun went down below the mountain and it got cold. So the blanket was the easiest solution.

While we boondock we save all our paper to burn and this was the first fire we have had since we got here on Monday and the burn paper was piling up.

New Year's Day: This morning we had all kinds of birds at or near the thistleseed feeder. There were finches, cow birds, and red winged black birds. I had also scattered some cracked corn on the ground. Somehow that cow bird thinks its beak will fit in the tiny hole where the thistleseed comes out. He is a optomist!
Yesterday we noticed when we were playing Yahtzee that the table was not as clean and smooth as it should this morning I got out some special cleaner I have and it really cleaned the table. It is now very smooth.
In this special moment in life...Count your blessings

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