Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mudflap Issue, Jan 13-15, 2009

We left Imperial Dam LTVA with no problems, no one was at the dump or water filling area so was very easy to take care of that task. We are heading to Quartzsite and their dump and water area is always full thus a long wait.
Now, you are wondering about this photo of our mudflap, notice it looks a little crooked, well it is or was. Upon arrival at Q we unhitched the Explorer and then Bob chose to take the lead back to the area where we are meeting with the RV America group. He took the wrong turn even though he said he knew where he was going. This wrong road took him through this, deeper than he thought, dry wash and it bent our new mudflap. So, here is Bob unbending the parts of the mudflap.

Here it is all washed and reinstalled looking almost like new again. It now just has a few more slight creases and scrapes--just call them battle scars.

It probably doesn't look like it now, but this is the beginning of our 17 rig circle. This is Thursday and we have 6 rigs here. The big RV show starts on Sat. so we are expecting our circle to grow son.
In this special moment in life...Observe Miracles (This is for my sister)

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