Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last Walmart Shopping, Jan. 25, 2009

Now, this is not forever, as the title might indicate. Just no Walmarts for a couple of months. They do have Walmarts in Mexico, but we will not be near one.

We left Q on Sunday morning, it was sad to leave, we do like boondocking in the desert, something about being self sufficient as we rely on our solar panels and the generator for power and water from our tanks. Bob is so proud to say we can go three weeks with out getting water or dumping--good job Bob.
Here is Bob at the Walmart, our cart is not full at all, but you can't see the most important purchase--a new wireless slim HP keyboard for ME.
So now Bob knows the routine, take out the scanner, the shelf the scanner sits on, get the flash light and lean way in to the see the back of the computer, unplug the other keyboard and plug in the wireless keyboard adapter. You can see the new keyboard above Bob.

But, the best part about the new keyboard, when I push the slide in/out table in, the keyboard fits in the space on the tray and the counter. This photo is showing both of the keyboards, it was cool as it was blue silicone, but you had to type directly in the middle of each key for it to work, I guess I am a sloppy typer. I want it to work if I just hit anywhere on the key.

In this special moment in life...Take a chance

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