Monday, January 12, 2009

Tuna and a Rocky Walk, Jan 11, 2009

Check out this nifty strainer or colander, it was a gift from our daughter Jenny and family. The best part it just folds flat and stores easily next to our baking sheets. Yes, those strawberries and blueberries are delicious, we picked those up at the Sams last Friday.
Here Bob is cutting up some frozen grilled tuna we bought last Oct. while we were in Winchester Bay, OR. The tuna made a wonderful addition to our low cal salad. Bob does love to cook and I am sure enjoy the fact I don't have to.

In trying to take at least a two mile walk each day, off we went about 4:30. The wind had died down some and the plan was just to walk in the desert along a trail 1 mile out and then turn around and 1 mile back. Well, Bob had other ideas as we had been walking along over this canyon or arroyo. At the 1 mile out marker (I used a pedometer) we saw a way to get down into this canyon without any bodily off we went. Some areas were wide and some were narrow, some sandy and some rocky.
Here I am skiing down a large hill of small rocks. One can only imagine the force of the water as it rages down this arroyo--wouldn't want to be here during the rainy season or a flash flood.

Since we both had sandals on the rocks and sand became an issue--I know I stopped numerous times to dump mine out and Bob did too. Here I am dumping out just a 'few' rocks, notice on the ground my other shoe's rocks.

This was a wide place in the arroyo, this view almost takes your breath away.
In this special moment in life...See beauty everywhere

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