Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quartzsite purchases-so far, Jan. 17-20

Bob made the first and most expensive purchase at the RV show in Quartzsite. He had been wanting a surge protector and now the coach has one. They even installed it for us, yea!!

Good thing the install was a fixed price as Bob was helping?? You know what they say about helping costing more.
Right now we have 12 rigs in our large circle. Several more are coming in a day or so. Every evening at 5 pm someone lights the campfire and the snacks come out and the party begins!!

This morning it was 'take a photo' of you in front of your rig.

Here is a photo of my new rug, I love kokopellis.

This is a cool decal, it is one foot tall and is mounted on our front door. Another kokopelli.

A few of us saw a huge shooting star last night, before we were blessed with this site.
In this special moment in life...Take time for people

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