Saturday, January 31, 2009

Organ Pipe Cactus Nat'l Monument, Jan 26-27, 2009

Here is a fine specimen...of an Organ Pipe Cactus which is what the National Monument is named after. We are staying at this park for two nites before we meet up with the group caravaning to Mexico. Bob's Senior Pass also works here for camping is $6 per nite.
Here is another fine specimen of the teddy bear cholla cactus. Bob is not actually touching the fruit, as the fruit has just as many spines at the stalks. A view of the park.
This prickly pear caught my eye, it is in the shape of a heart, I think someone cut the notch out.

Here is the coach, once again I am parked next to an ocatillo!! Several of the other Mexico caravan group have arrived at Organ Pipe and there is excitement in the air!! Tomorrow morning we will be leaving for Mexico.

In this special moment in life...Grow

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