Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Gold Canyon, Dec 11, 2008

Moving day after three weeks. It was cold this morning in Q, 39 degrees, burr, but it was sunny. Bob got me up at 7:30 as I had asked him so we could be on our way by 10 am. We each set about doing our own stuff getting things ready to travel. I generally do most of the inside and Bob deals with the outside. We have one rear tire on the Explorer that keeps going down, so he had to get out the air compressor and blow it up. Also he has to go up on the coach and untilt the solar panels. I am so glad he does the roof stuff and I don't go up there!
We actually left at 10:20, not too far off of our estimated time; had an uneventful drive on I-10 through Phoenix to an RV park in Gold Canyon. We have a list of stores we want to stop at while in a metro area, Home Depot for a round piece of wood to put on the steering wheel when we are parked, Bob needs jeans and the Explorer needs tires.
I-10 was not too busy when we came through, love this 5 level interchange.Evening view outside of our RV.
In this special moment in life...Smile often, savor special moments.

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